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Evolving with the Times: How an RV Resort Adapted to Changing Guest Needs

In the ever-changing landscape of outdoor hospitality, Panama City Beach RV Resort in Florida stands out for its remarkable evolution since its inception in 2002. 

Originally designed as a property for lot sales, the resort has transformed into a campers’ haven, adapting to the shifting needs and preferences of its guests.

“It was built in 2002, and it was originally set to be a sale of each lot and the three condos on site,” said Shanna Pleimann, the resort’s manager, recounting the early days.

This initial concept, however, did not resonate as expected with the market. In an interview with Modern Campground, Pleimann explained the pivotal shift, stating they didn’t get any real interest in buying the actual sites whenever they did it in 2002, so they switched to developing the property into an RV park.

Photo courtesy of Panama City Beach RV Resort.

This transition marked the beginning of a series of enhancements aimed at improving guest experience. One of the first changes Pleimann implemented was the addition of a dog park, a direct response to guest requests. 

“After I took over as manager, that was one of the first things I put in, because that’s something that everybody requests,” she said.

The resort’s fitness room also saw a significant upgrade. Pleimann said the fitness room had a few pieces of equipment to start with, yet no one really went to utilize the facility. The upgrades not only revitalized the gym but also increased its usage among guests.

“They never used it. So we searched out and found actual places that we could lease the equipment from,” she said.

Another notable development was the establishment of a store within the resort. “We also didn’t have a store when I started here. Slowly grew the store to what it is now,” Pleimann adds. The store now offers a range of RV and camping supplies, groceries, and local craft beers, enhancing the convenience and enjoyment of the guests’ stay.

Photo courtesy of Panama City Beach RV Resort.

Today, the resort boasts 69 sites, including 14 pull-through and numerous back-in options, along with two one-bedroom and a studio condo. Additional amenities include a family room, laundry room, climate-controlled showers and restrooms, and a year-round heated pool. 

Looking to the future, Pleimann emphasizes the resort’s commitment to continuous improvement: “We’re always looking to upgrade and change with the times. That’s something we do every year.” This forward-thinking approach ensures that the resort remains aligned with the latest trends and guest preferences.

The RV resort’s journey from a sales-focused property to a transient-oriented retreat exemplifies the dynamic nature of the outdoor hospitality industry. Through responsive management and a keen understanding of guest needs, the resort has not only adapted to change but has thrived, offering a unique and enjoyable experience for all who visit.

Photo courtesy of Panama City Beach RV Resort.

The management prowess at Panama City Beach RV Resort is part of a larger network of excellence. The park is a key property in the Turnstone-Blue Vista portfolio, a joint venture that boasts an impressive collection of campgrounds and RV resorts.

Each with its unique charm and amenities, the portfolio includes American RV Resort, Bonanza Camping Resort, Gulf Beach RV Resort, Navarre Beach Camping Resort, Sugar Sands RV Resort, Milton/Gulf Pines KOA Holiday, Port St. Joe, Pikes Peak RV Park, and Basswood Resort.

Building on this foundation of quality, Panama City Beach RV Resort has ambitious plans for the future.

Featured image from Panama City Beach RV Resort.